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My Final Thoughts on Social Media

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When I started to do this course I was totally oblivious to what Social Media and emerging Technologies where and if they even existed. All that have known was Twitter was just a name with no significance to my life style and Facebook was just a waste of time. When I was introduced to Word press I was totally lost in cyberspace. In the beginning I assumed it was just a waste of time and just another mark to gain in my academics but then something started to emerge. Eventually I received an epiphany and it dawned on me that there was something much more to this. A bigger picture started to grow and all of a sudden I realized this was a tool for my future. You have to remember that I was not computer literate. I did have a multitude of difficulties in the beginning but eventually I did evolve and accumulated a wealth of knowledge . Then came the experience and the growth in my endeavors.

I was starting to learn the basics of computer navigation and referencing. The basic knowledge of social media was just at the starting gate but like a child you have to learn how to walk before you run. My skills on the computer had to be jumped start and eventually everything started to fall into place. I was introduced to several social media tools but in the beginning it was not occurring to me that this was going somewhere. With my daughter’s assistance I was tutored on many aspects of the technology. As I progressed in Word press then eventually into Twitter, Facebook and You Tube I realized that this technology can work in my favor.  Then I was introduced to Linked In. and that’s where the information highway started to flow. I made the connections between all of the other social media tools and then the race began. I eventually signed up to Pintrest, Facebook and other social media sites. Then I built my About Page on Word Press and the profile image was growing. My foot print on the internet grew to amazing levels and people from all over the area were becoming inquisitive about my profile.  I discovered how to utilize certain social media sites to my advantage and ascertain my objectives to maximum usage.

My computer skills were incredibly advancing at a high rate of speed. My navigation skills exceeded my expectations and I eventually clued in to other computer skill sets. It was not just social media that was on top of the agenda but all the skills required to use social media in full context.

I realized that the business world weighs heavily on social media and it is taking full advantage of its opportunities. I still have a lot of catching up to do in order to understand fully of what is required of me in the new business  world. I have only seen a small use of it in the past but did not fully respect its complications. Recently I saw it as an unnecessary evil but my opinion has changed effectively in the last couple of months. To get ahead in the business world you have to stay on top and whether I like it or not Social media is the road to that certain success.

I realized  later in my journey to knowledge that  when we were learning about other types of social media tools and different software packages  of monitoring tools it came to light that companies require these tools for customer opinion and general audience feedback. They weigh heavily on these programs for advertisement and public sentiment. Their objectives are to lean on the audience’s human side in order to profile their businesses. When I was researching  Sobeys social media sites this evaluation was acknowledged in their profile  and only then to discover that there were many other company’s letting this good opportunity  going to waste .

In my final thoughts I have drawn to a conclusion that social media is the new wave for advertisement and is appealing to many generations of customers presently and in the future. I can easily access that social media is still in its infancy but growing rapidly everyday.There are still a large sector of the public that is naive to the presence of this new media tool but the rapid expansion of technology is going to change that for ever. It is obvious that if I stumbled across this new medium  then it I think mostly everyone else will . But I still got to remind my self that am still very arrogant of this new medium and eventually I will get a full grasp of this new and exciting culture.