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Big Bad Blogs 93.7 FM radio

I found this Section in the internet and was very intrigued. I did notice how the blog site threw itself at me. It definitely shows a sport like atmosphere and caught my eye immediately. It has good colour contrast and flows in to a smooth contrast. It allows the eyes to formulate and read the advertisement in context.Its very simple and user-friendly. 

The blog is based on a Sports FM 93.7 and AM 850. I found the blog is user-friendly and for some one like my self  who lacks computer skills was able to probe through the blogs.  I noticed that the blogs were very informative and up to date. The picture context was clear and concise with no fading abstracts that I did notice in other blogs. It was also user-friendly in going into other blog subjects and being very informative. I found the blogs gave good constructive criticism . The advertisement was limited as to not clutter the blog format. I also realized that he gave a news format to keep you up to date on tha latest sports news and trivia.

In conclusion I would like to say that if all blogs were presented in this manner it would make people with lesser computer skills more confident in internet blogging. Most individuals in the entertainment of sports are limited in their computer skills and want to apply themselves to easier advertisement.