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Measuring Success


Measuring social media is still a controversial issue that still has very few resolutions to examine all social media monitoring in its full perimeter.  Presently there are still a multitude of free tools that can examine and monitor your social media activity to ensure that it’s working for your business and reaching all of your expectations and goals. Analyst and monitoring specialists can examine your business activity on the network and collect all feedback from monitory tools and social media efforts. You can completely contract your social media analysis to many specialized companies offering a multitude of software or just simply select a number of free selective sites that will give input to your establishment. In the following paragraphs we will be discussing three tools such as Klout, Twitter Counter and You Tube Insight because they seem to be predominant in the small business sector. . In the following graph will indicate the ratio to activities for social media monitoring. Later we will be discussing the pros and cons of selected monitoring tools for monitoring social media.


This will be the first topic to discuss because of its popularity and easy access for downloading software. Klout ,  is a San Francisco based company that provides a social media monitory tool to analyses a business exposure across the social network. The software program collects all of its data and initiates file programs on its users and posts them to a Klout score. The registry has consumed over 100 million profiles and registered users will have their social networks assessed and evaluated in their scores. The scores range from 1 to 100 and   are modified with three specific measures. Klout format software uses true reach, amplification, and network impact which serves approximately one billion calls per day and the API is more focused on Klout than Twitter count. It accumulates critical data points from Twitter utilizing the, re tweets, list memberships, and follower counts. The software accumulates all of its accounts that are following the business profile and registering higher profile tweets from influential individuals. The software architecture of Klout is based around connecting all businesses and establishments with high-profile registered individuals and celebrities . Companies have paid higher premiums to get in contact with individuals with high Klout scores in hopes that they obtain many perks and free merchandise that will influence them to spread positive publicity for the business.

The cons are that Klout has not been fully honest in its disclosure and its methods have been questioned most recently. The Klout scores have been very inaccurate and do not represent the influence of an individual in full context . In a business prospective the lower value of its scores can ultimately mislead the company’s influence and register a false opinion on the Klout score. The score lowers the value with online communication and elevates its social ranking and momentary social level by trying to mediate human interaction. Social criticism is no longer used due to the manipulation of modifying scores and preventing accurate information on Klout registered social users. The site has been recently called a socially evil operation and it has been criticized by the social media network for exploiting users for its own profit and violating the privacy of minors. Due to Klouts previous terms and conditions which have been demonstrated in the company’s business format became illegal in the United Kingdom because of the nation’s  Data Protection Act of 1988.

Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter, is a free service that initiates  its business software and  tracks your activity on Twitter. Twitter Counter started as a self-funded start-up business based in Amsterdam June 2008.  You can purchase the basic service for free but you have the option to upgrade your service from 17 dollars a month to $150 if you require a better service called Pro Stats. This service is considered to be Professional in Standards and more personalized in twitter statistics. The following software packages include followers, following, rate of follower growth or decline, your average number of tweets per day and a momentary public influence.  The company provides a convenient graph feature on your apps that will illustrate your ascension or decline while pacing your tweets and comparing yourself to other accounts. Your business may keep track with its direct competition while comparing your progress to other establishments.   Twitter counter provides with an embedded feature which is a widget for your blog in which the individual can monitor the number of recent visitors to your site and just simply glancing at the side bar provided. Twitter also provides a convenient method for people to follow you. The pros on twitter Counter is mainly that the company provides a wealth of features that are not normally offered by other social tools and an excellent IT support team.

Presently Twitter counter is having major problems because of glitches in the sub systems creating a number of anomalies in the twitter counting system and its IT engineers are trying to overhaul the software network. Presently they are encountering a tweet button count that is not updating to its specifications. It registers a low count  on the URL because the tweet counter takes over  and has shorten the initial tweet count messing  up everything on the software. Normally a business is relying on the count in the URL but it has been noted that the button has to be modified on the tweet counter to give an accurate update. The company cannot change the present frame-work because it will offset the complete website and the software company will not accommodate a fix because of a simple glitch. The only fix that has been done is that the IT techs have modified the program on the Follow Me but there is still some instability in the counter scale.

You Tube Insight

Most businesses presently are adapting into the largest popular social media tool because it offers more than just comments but initiates a company’s image and profile which is viewed globally. . Any person can register on a YouTube account which they can view statistics about their audience and the response they will receive from their videos uploads. To obtain an account is generally free but you have the option for future upgrades and pay levels. Advertisers come up with the impending costs to keep the overhead of the You Tube site to a minimum but the basics of financial upgrade falls to the consumer. Small business can take advantage of this popular site to gain public opinion and feedback with their video uploads. You Tube provides many types of data such as community engagement, Popularity, Discovery, Audience Attention and Demographics. It can demonstrate global locations of viewers and a graphical trend where your videos are coming from. You can read the comments on how the viewers discovered your video observing how many times viewer’s rate. You can observe your audiences age, gender and how they differ from one region to another. YouTube provides a unique feature referred to as Hot Spots which indicate your video’s popularity by observing the bounce and rewind rate as compared to other related videos. As a business I would make this social media tool as a primary source of opinion and demographics to enlighten the profile of the company’s standing.

There will always be some negligible short comings like other social media sites when You Tube is compared to other very active social media sites but it still exceeds in its public popularity. Costumers require confidence and reliability in performance but Google’s resolution to fix the problems in You Tubes glitches has raised many complaints from its audience. Most of the complaints have emerged from frustrated customers who state that Google’s main head office is always closed or unavailable and most issues do not ever get resolved. You Tube’s continuing circumstance in solving this issue was trying to down load CSV files for back logging its data but the company was too slow to upgrade or directly address the problem to satisfy its loyal audience. Some of those file issues related to problems of videos being restricted from one country to another. This chaos lead too many internal domestic feed lines to be shortened and certain videos pertaining to company logos were eliminated which weighed down on many businesses to pullout. As it turned out the related video files were extracting legitimate business videos of illicit programming.

After examining three social media monitoring tools my selection would be You tube Insight because of its popularity and cost effectiveness. As a new business starting , I would use this tool has an advantage point and get an initial feel how my business is being viewed. I have  noticed many small businesses in the local are  using You Tube Insight and examined their strategy in context with the local population.