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Developing a Winning Social Media Strategy

Extreme Promotional Materials

This weeks blog is going to be a strategic demo graphical approach to creating a business line concerning social media and its incorporation into a media tool for a fictitious company called Extreme Promotional Materials. In the following paragraphs I will try to demonstrate the type of social media tools to be used and its injection to the company’s profile and the image that will be conveyed to the public. Basically its part of a business plan utilizing media for company exposure.


A social media plan should be used  for blogging, social networking ,multimedia tools and on-line views and opinions. There are many people who don’t post to Twitter or Face Book at all. They use it as an information resource,observing these particular trending topics to  source their news or follow people they find interesting or informative. This can be a great way to use Twitter and Face Book as advertisement for the company. Linked In would expose your business to other establishments of related items in advancing the company’s portfolio. These Social media sites are  unique as a communication tool, although it’s also what intimidates  small business owners from using this tool. Being the conversationalist can be very time-consuming, but the rewards are high in terms of building a loyal following and truly connecting with people who are interested in what the business has to offer. This approach involves communicating on several posts per day, many of which are directed at specific people and businesses. Very similar to the Brand Watchdog, this too is focused on watching for and responding to customer service questions.

 There are many people who don’t post to Twitter at all. They use it as an information resource, watching the Twitter trending topics to crowd source their news or follow people they find interesting or informative. This can be a great way to use Twitter and Face Book to learn a thing or two. The key here is to be careful about what you design on your Twitter and Face book page. You want a specific group of  people with a high signal to noise ratio to respond to your social media sites.

Mission, Vision, Goals

“Extreme Promotional Materials mission is to stay ahead of the curve in providing businesses and organizations with quality personal service regarding products,marketing and advice for the 21 century and help athletic individuals be active and feel better maintaining a high quality of  professionalism.” This logo will be implemented on all applicable social media formats to envision a predominately based business association. We would have to show that we are ahead of the competition and our logo has to express the company’s commitment. In the mission statement we are trying to conceive the fact that we are a proactive company advancing in many may ways. On the Twitter account we would have to use a short brief statement such as, “To be on top is to stay healthy and fit”. In our product line such as uniforms can express pride and fundamental spirit for the athletic individual who wants to exceed himself among his team mates. When examining  other sport pages you can see the pride in the athletes modesty.


Key Messages

The company produces high quality products and predominantly a reliable resource that is a concern for the needs of the costumer. Through our professionalism we can convey our strategies in promoting our services to a certain market that our products our unique. We have to demonstrate that our professional staff is experienced educated and trained extensively in its field of operations to create a strong image in the costumer’s confidence. Our logo and mission would demonstrate the excellence that our services compel in its message to our demo graphical audience.

Target Audiences

The target audience would be naturalists, innovative, athletic and older diverse  generation. Generally the demographic group of  culture would be predominate in about 8 years to 45 years of age. The scale would rapidly drop as the age group elevates. Since the majority of a younger audience is technology friendly, they would be monitoring the social media sites and obtaining your comments and feed back from them. It would be difficult to try to reach a whole age group so its much more feasible to center in on a computer generated audience that has acquired  all the gadgets and toys  to access the social media sites. When dealing with athletes you have to bring out their moral spirit and the company reflects that attitude.

Social Media Tools

In our present technology Twitter and Face Book is the most commonly used social media sites because of the large audience it has recently captured in the last 10 years. We will also utilize some subsidiary sites such as Pintrest by injecting the company’s picture logo into the format like Twitter, Face Book and other large corporations have done in the past. It will give advertisement exposure and allow a large audience to access the logo to their preferences. The company can also use monitoring software called SM2 to evaluate any concerns or opinions that arise in comments by other media sites so that the establishment can evaluate its projections and goals on a day-to-day basis. You Tube will be incorporated in to the company’s plan by initiating commercials and Corporate Social Responsibility videos and access  a link to the consumer  for easy user-friendly promotion for a particular demographic audience. Linked In would be incorporated as a direct business site to help expand the company’s initiatives. Mostly it is the younger athletic type generation that will access the social media sites and then escalate the information by word of mouth and Linked In will create adversity with your business projections to a more mature audience.

Social Media Engagement Strategy

Starting with Face Book we would set up the initial company logo on the very top with a small caption of our mission statement. The initial audience will be targeted for the athletic culture and the population that is health oriented. A progressive company that shows advancement will project good reliable products and this has to relay in the social media sites.The back ground picture of a particular product will be bright and simple for the audience to identify the subject. The small Twitter and Face Book logo will be place near the top so that the audience can immediately recognize the social media acknowledgment for comment. The You tube Logo can be placed lower in the page site so that the individual can decide to look further after reading and examining the content.  In the page site we can show very basic pictures of some of the services and products the company has to offer. Some of the product line photos will be of a unique nature and a comment section can be accessed on each photo in order to get feed back from the costumer. On each social media logo we will place a like,share and comment link to acquire as much feed back as possible. An information tab will be placed on top showing a map location and a contact number with a web site locator. The Face Book site will be monitored twice a-week initiating comment feed back. A time line logo will be place on top so that the reader can access our full product line,history of the company and CSR event employee interactions and photos of the everyday activities in the business. it gives the potential reader an excellent insight into the business aspects so as to promote the company’s positive image. The company Twitter account would be fairly the same as Face Book but not as detailed . The strategy would be approach in similar context but the mission statement “to stay on top is to stay healthy and fit”, would have to be brief due to limited text. Twitter would have to be monitored daily to orchestrate  constant opinion from the audience sector.


Social media sites are a unique method of company advertisement  and social feedback . You have to take certain steps with caution when dealing with certain sites because it can come back to haunt your business . You can mediate to the wrong audience and get negative feed back to turn the course of your company’s strategic goals and initiatives.