This site is the cat’s pajamas

Pontiac Face Book

I have chosen the company Pontiac Face Book site!/Pontiac to examine, because I found this site more interactive and appealing than the other automotive sites. As soon as you bring up face book it strikes at you and easy to navigate than the other car manufactures and how they approach their ideals in how a face book site should appeal to the older and younger costumers. I found that their site is interactive and easy to select different categories. They give you a relatively number of products including present releases. So far they have made 99,778 hits.

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To examine this site we must reflect on the individuals taste and needs. First it offers the 2013 releases and up coming events involving future technology updates. The ad sites is smooth and appealing giving good flow to the company’s image. What we see in-car designs is what  we  are observing in the ad structure so it can navigate the eye towards its advertisements. The ad is clean and open allowing better visual context. It is easy to then navigate to Pontiac’s different products and sub categories. As a car owner and mechanic I need to know more about updates and feedback on particular products that I have purchased. It’s not just cars that Pontiac is selling but its service quality.

I have been a GM costumer for 30 years and I noticed in my opinion that the company knows how to attract the public and keep its policy of transparency in its products. This is definitely reflected in its face book site showing openness and bias honesty . In the car industry image plays a major factor especially with all the criticism coming from the general public and major competition. The face book page offers the simplicity for the older generation because this sectors buys the higher end vehicles. For my self  I do not have time to sift through complicated web sites because in this industry it does not take much to discourage individuals from going to the competitors. In fact Pontiac Face  book is the embassador of the car company .

The reason that me decide to select Pontiac was that he site can be easily googled and comments can be directed into the face book site. As a consumer I want direct impact of my opinion to a car company. I was not impressed with Ford’s face book site because it lacked the ability to comprehend the customers need. There was too much flash and not enough direction . It seems Pontiac keeps to old motto ,(KISS) “keep it simple stupid”.

In conclusion if I were looking for a new automobile I realize just by going to social media sites could sway my decision of what automotive company I would select. I don’t want to be” razzle dazzled” but I do want to keep to the facts. Pontiac’s face book site provides me with just that . I am allowed to select just the pertinent information I need. If I want to see future ads of the new models then I would just select the site not like the other companies were they just throw useless information at you. In simple context “give the costumer what he wants, not what the company thinks he needs”.


Chevrolet Twitter

I have chosen the Chevrolet, because I have owned nothing but Chevrolet since 1983. I have bought a numerous amount of Chevrolet vehicles and usually trade them in at around 100.000 kilometers. Presently I own  two new vehicles  and now with Twitter I can finally give feed back to the company. My first observation is its user-friendly and now I will explain in further details why its important to me.

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For some one in at my age needs things to be simplified. When feed back is required it has to be made available in easy context and user-friendly. My generation purchase cars much differently than younger individuals and we want more feed back from the automotive industry. By using twitter I can access that feed back  using their  instant tweet in the comment section. First thing I notice was right at the beginning it states Chevrolet on the subject title and I do not have to eyeball the text scripture and wander the site.  Immediately I can see to the left where I can insert my comments. If I was not on twitter,  the site gave me the option to sign up immediately. Chevrolet has given every option on its tweet to get responses from the consumer in which in turn gives good customer relations. I was able to read the tweets with good clarity and find highlighted subjects pertain to my cars. I also was able to catch a few recall notices and input.

But there is one thing I did find is that there was a lot of useless tweets that made it difficult to sort out. The problem in this particular case is when I found a tweet that I wanted to read, other tweets kept pushing it out-of-the-way. I feel they should have a second site for just general mechanics and specific inputs . The problem with  Chevrolet is that they are huge company, responding to millions of customers around the world. I found the Tweets updated constantly  but tried to see if I can access past tweets.The one last note about this site that it was easy to locate the web page because all I had to do was access Google and simply write Chevrolet Twitter.

In my conclusion that the more user-friendly the site is the better results of communication can be accomplished.  Better customer relations and company feed back is a major part of business and its success. I am very enthusiastic that I did discover this website and it has open doors to future endeavours.

My View On Social Media

Social Media

This is my first introduction to social media. I did not know what social media was but after being introduced to in my class I now realize I have been immersed into the concept for a few years. It definitely has its many uses and tools of   necessity. It can also be cost-effective if used in the right application.


Pinned ImageI mostly use you tube has my social media tool for all applications of my life. I watch all videos on music ,real life situations.and demonstrations than can assist me for everyday  activities. I have just came to the concept of word press and its usefulness to my life applications.I am into radio control airplanes and I like to see a demonstration of a certain aircraft and get familiar with its flight characteristics . It has saved me a lot of headaches and possibly loosing an aircraft  and the cost of it. It has allowed me to see videos on house renovations and vehical maintenance. When a certain event has just previously happened I can access it immediately and see what I missed. People can watch what I put on you tube in order to get feed back such as family events. I find it user-friendly especially in my generation where we do not want things to be complicated. I am very particular in cost effectiveness  and like to use social media to off set the cost on my internet. I can access certain entertainment even when I do not have the right information to obtain it. It allows a broad use of centering key information so that you can find the subject or lead you to the subject that you are searching for


In conclusion social media is the new tool for the user-friendly person who is trying to get information on the network. It can be applied to all generations and a lot of thought has went into it. Social media are obviously going to be expanding and its here to stay.

Big Bad Blogs 93.7 FM radio

I found this Section in the internet and was very intrigued. I did notice how the blog site threw itself at me. It definitely shows a sport like atmosphere and caught my eye immediately. It has good colour contrast and flows in to a smooth contrast. It allows the eyes to formulate and read the advertisement in context.Its very simple and user-friendly. 

The blog is based on a Sports FM 93.7 and AM 850. I found the blog is user-friendly and for some one like my self  who lacks computer skills was able to probe through the blogs.  I noticed that the blogs were very informative and up to date. The picture context was clear and concise with no fading abstracts that I did notice in other blogs. It was also user-friendly in going into other blog subjects and being very informative. I found the blogs gave good constructive criticism . The advertisement was limited as to not clutter the blog format. I also realized that he gave a news format to keep you up to date on tha latest sports news and trivia.

In conclusion I would like to say that if all blogs were presented in this manner it would make people with lesser computer skills more confident in internet blogging. Most individuals in the entertainment of sports are limited in their computer skills and want to apply themselves to easier advertisement.