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I would like to introduce myself as James Kiomall and explain my About page and what I have done briefly in my life and career in order to give an understanding of what I am trying to accomplish. This would be considered at this stage of my life the peak of my career in the Department of National Defense when I received my accommodation in Afghanistan.I have served 31 years in the military as an Aviation Technition and have gone on many deployments around the world including the gulf war, Somalia and Afghanistan.I have accredited myself with many courses and training in all aspects of administration.

I have recently served with the commissionaires for about 28 months during my retirement in CFB Trenton with a level 3 Security clearance.I am presently enrolled at Loyalist College as a student in Business and Administration in Belleville Ontario. I am presently married 31 years with three grown children that have completed their education. I hope to obtain a second career after I finished college and pursue a priority job placement in the federal Government. I have traveled extensively and so far I have been around the whole world with just a few places left to see. I have accomplished this through the military and privately on my own with my spouse. I have had the opportunity to meet many important celebrities in my travels and my work . I still keep in touch with some of them and hope to meet more important people in the future.

What I hope to expect from my About page is that I would be recognized for my adaptation and diversity. I have many work related and life experiences in which some were good and some were not so pleasant. It has built my character throughout the years and established a continuing educational experience. My career has ended but not my life and its expected of me to proceed on through all adversities and lead by example. I am hoping that I successfully complete my studies at Loyalist college to pursue greater en devours. Just recently  I caught the attention of the media in the Belleville Intelligencer  which they did a news article about my admissions into the college and how it came about.

Through my travels in the world I have learned to research the culture of a particular country and immerse  myself in its traditions and business exchange. I would diversify my techniques and ideal exchanges with the culture so there will be no misunderstandings. I have traveled so much that now its fairly easy to follow cultural exchanges because you learn common traits between countries. When you travel in the business world it is now mandatory that you can adjust to different culture shocks and I have perfected it in that category. My intentions for future employment is to be in a job that requires to travel to different countries and I have an abundance of amount of experience in this topic.


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