This site is the cat’s pajamas

Pinned Image  The three different steps that I will be initiating in social media in producing a foot print on the internet is the use of Linked In, Word Press and Face Book. Not until  two months ago I had no ideal what Social Media was and its impact was on the business world. Now with complete exposure and knowledge I have learned to manipulate the effectiveness of certain social media tools. I have selected these three items because of the their ability to connect to so many people and I have had the opportunity to try so many media tools recently. Since I am very new to the technology I have managed to build my sites professionally and avoided the mistakes others have made. Very recently I have made many hits on job prospects but unfortunately they are geographically not suited. I have had the opportunity to build my portfolio from scratch and exposed it on all my media sites. I want to show my personal  and my professional side. Basically what I am trying to not  say is  “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. I want to be able to show complete diversity.

linked in   My first topic is Linked In because I feel that it is the most important part of my social media tool. It is the professional side to Face Book but much more serious. Generally it is linked to all businesses and human resources departments. Up until recently I had no exposure to the business sector and I have created a foot print in google which has networked my portfolio to all corners of the globe. Linked In has accumulated all of my resume and work life experiences. I plan to use this tool for professional developement and transparency. I want to show the world who I am in work context and deportment. The first major step was to illustrate my work experience and job qualifications. Some of these qualifications are very unique and can be transferred to other fields for diversity. The second step  is to illustrate my  social character behavior through my hobbies and work life experiences. I am trying to convey a lighter side to my professional life. The third step is to link in to as many possible businesses and Human Resource departments. So far I have succeeded because many job opportunities have been posted on my site and I have been invited to participate  on many business discussions. The last initiative is to use this website on my personal resume and portfolio.

WordPress   My post on social Media is Word Press and its valuable uses. I selected word press because of its unlimited space availability. I am presently building up my portfolio in my About Page to show a professional and human side of my character. Word press provides an exhausting amount of space to insert dialogue and photographs of my life experiences. I am also linked to Face Book and Twitter so that many business prospects can examine my complete foot print on the internet. When examined by many inquisitive individuals I get so many compliments on my site which proves that it will be a complete effective exposure the to internet.The next major steps is to complete all posts in a unique professional manner. My next step is to annotate my web site into my resume , business cards, portfolio , cover letter and cover page. Most employers do check Google for foot print and dialogue in the internet and its justifiable to give them a full concept of your personal and business life. The most priority of course in the next step is to have all of my resume,portfolio and business cards annotated with this website.

Face BookThe last one to discuss is Face book because it is the least of my objectives and I am not too much of a fan of this media site but it does serve its significant purpose.  Face Book is now the most national popular social media site and it has grown to one billion. It can link up to any followers and employers today are starting to examine these sites for possible hiring of potential candidates. I have studied the mistakes that a majority of people have committed on Face Book and since I am new at this rolling thunder I will build this site to a diplomatic level of deportment. In the next following steps I will be cautious of what media or comments are submitted to my site and expel any derogatory remarks or dialogue  that will demote my exposure to the social media. I have approached this site with a business attitude but also to show the human side of my social life. I am trying to convey transparency but also attempting to protect my confidentiality . I am not to fond of Face Book but sometimes you got to dance with the devil to meet your objectives. In recent steps I have initiated magnificent profile pictures of my worldly activities showing future prospects that I do think outside the box and given myself the opportunity to be exposed to the differences around the globe. I am willing to expand myself on all levels and initiate any compromise that is thrown my way. I am not to concerned about annotating my Face Book website in my portfolio because the symbols are already in my other sites and a potential employer just simply have to access it on Google.

      In summary I have to be fully confident that my websites are competitive to other potential sites and to make sure I have the edge on other candidates. I need to be exposed as much as possible on the internet and I am looking into other possible sites that will meet my objectives. The days are slowing diminishing of just handing in a piece of paper to a possible employer where the internet is taking over and it is up to us to keep up with the times. By simply showing your ability to keep up with the present technology offered in this day can also demonstrate your ability to accept changes in the work place and display a competitive edge. Skill settings are raising the value of admissions into most work related job sites. When age becomes an issue you must demonstrate that your abilities exceeds some of the younger generation. First impressions is a lasting impression and some times that is the only chance you have at “the kick at the can”.


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