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Social Media Tools

I want to initiate a discussion about two social media tools that stood out the most for myself. I would like to talk about Pintrest and  one other tool that was not mentioned but it is vital to our business needs. That tool I strongly feel is called Linked In  One tool offers the advantage of  colors schemes and photography capturing the visual senses and the other is using Pintrest on linked in to enhance our business resume. When all these media tools combined can enrich the observer and basically human behavior rely’s mostly on visual concepts.

Pintrest is a Pin board style  social media website that allows individuals to create images and themed base  collections based on hobbies, business advertisement, work related or just everyday human activities. When we discuss Pintrest we are advocating are desires to visually sell ourself and our business.The website offers a wide variety of pictures of every day situations to specific categories such as aviation,motorcycles,traveling, food ,pets and so on and so forth. The ideas are endless and pictures would cover every aspect of human life. We can add pictures to the site so somebody else can use it. In my case I found many wonderful sights to aviation and particularly to my radio control hobbies.

Net working

Working Together As a Team

I can follow other users of the same interests and provide what ever pictures is required. I can also save my pictures on this website for future use as for example ,I have just downloaded all of my travel pictures and basically save them as a back up drive. Now other users can see where I have been especially when future employers can be impressed when they can see what diversity I have to offer.

This website ‘ Linked in ” is more for the more serious  business related concepts and is directed to people trying to sell themselves in the job market. A recent article describes exactly what the website is conveying to the public sector as compared to Face Book.The web-line is  going to assist me  on the job network system and initiate proper protocol in a serious business matters. Mostly I what I discovered that  it has been Human Resource employees from major companies  who are on the web link searching for responsible , proactive individuals  seeking employment across the country and even the world. The web line also indicates the candidates initiative to expand his or hers dynamic skills of internet tools and social media in its proper perspective of professionalism.

In summary I would recommend these two social media tools as a conglomerate collaboration of web lines to initiate professionalism and job knowledge application. As a job seeker these social media tools would expand my horizons and network across the nation in its perspective form. Visual enhancement is the key to getting recognized in the job market and how we perform in public. In this world you only get one chance at first impressions and recognition due to the highly competitive job market.


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