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Pontiac Face Book

I have chosen the company Pontiac Face Book site!/Pontiac to examine, because I found this site more interactive and appealing than the other automotive sites. As soon as you bring up face book it strikes at you and easy to navigate than the other car manufactures and how they approach their ideals in how a face book site should appeal to the older and younger costumers. I found that their site is interactive and easy to select different categories. They give you a relatively number of products including present releases. So far they have made 99,778 hits.

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To examine this site we must reflect on the individuals taste and needs. First it offers the 2013 releases and up coming events involving future technology updates. The ad sites is smooth and appealing giving good flow to the company’s image. What we see in-car designs is what  we  are observing in the ad structure so it can navigate the eye towards its advertisements. The ad is clean and open allowing better visual context. It is easy to then navigate to Pontiac’s different products and sub categories. As a car owner and mechanic I need to know more about updates and feedback on particular products that I have purchased. It’s not just cars that Pontiac is selling but its service quality.

I have been a GM costumer for 30 years and I noticed in my opinion that the company knows how to attract the public and keep its policy of transparency in its products. This is definitely reflected in its face book site showing openness and bias honesty . In the car industry image plays a major factor especially with all the criticism coming from the general public and major competition. The face book page offers the simplicity for the older generation because this sectors buys the higher end vehicles. For my self  I do not have time to sift through complicated web sites because in this industry it does not take much to discourage individuals from going to the competitors. In fact Pontiac Face  book is the embassador of the car company .

The reason that me decide to select Pontiac was that he site can be easily googled and comments can be directed into the face book site. As a consumer I want direct impact of my opinion to a car company. I was not impressed with Ford’s face book site because it lacked the ability to comprehend the customers need. There was too much flash and not enough direction . It seems Pontiac keeps to old motto ,(KISS) “keep it simple stupid”.

In conclusion if I were looking for a new automobile I realize just by going to social media sites could sway my decision of what automotive company I would select. I don’t want to be” razzle dazzled” but I do want to keep to the facts. Pontiac’s face book site provides me with just that . I am allowed to select just the pertinent information I need. If I want to see future ads of the new models then I would just select the site not like the other companies were they just throw useless information at you. In simple context “give the costumer what he wants, not what the company thinks he needs”.


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