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Chevrolet Twitter

I have chosen the Chevrolet, because I have owned nothing but Chevrolet since 1983. I have bought a numerous amount of Chevrolet vehicles and usually trade them in at around 100.000 kilometers. Presently I own  two new vehicles  and now with Twitter I can finally give feed back to the company. My first observation is its user-friendly and now I will explain in further details why its important to me.

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For some one in at my age needs things to be simplified. When feed back is required it has to be made available in easy context and user-friendly. My generation purchase cars much differently than younger individuals and we want more feed back from the automotive industry. By using twitter I can access that feed back  using their  instant tweet in the comment section. First thing I notice was right at the beginning it states Chevrolet on the subject title and I do not have to eyeball the text scripture and wander the site.  Immediately I can see to the left where I can insert my comments. If I was not on twitter,  the site gave me the option to sign up immediately. Chevrolet has given every option on its tweet to get responses from the consumer in which in turn gives good customer relations. I was able to read the tweets with good clarity and find highlighted subjects pertain to my cars. I also was able to catch a few recall notices and input.

But there is one thing I did find is that there was a lot of useless tweets that made it difficult to sort out. The problem in this particular case is when I found a tweet that I wanted to read, other tweets kept pushing it out-of-the-way. I feel they should have a second site for just general mechanics and specific inputs . The problem with  Chevrolet is that they are huge company, responding to millions of customers around the world. I found the Tweets updated constantly  but tried to see if I can access past tweets.The one last note about this site that it was easy to locate the web page because all I had to do was access Google and simply write Chevrolet Twitter.

In my conclusion that the more user-friendly the site is the better results of communication can be accomplished.  Better customer relations and company feed back is a major part of business and its success. I am very enthusiastic that I did discover this website and it has open doors to future endeavours.


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