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My View On Social Media

Social Media

This is my first introduction to social media. I did not know what social media was but after being introduced to in my class I now realize I have been immersed into the concept for a few years. It definitely has its many uses and tools of   necessity. It can also be cost-effective if used in the right application.


Pinned ImageI mostly use you tube has my social media tool for all applications of my life. I watch all videos on music ,real life situations.and demonstrations than can assist me for everyday  activities. I have just came to the concept of word press and its usefulness to my life applications.I am into radio control airplanes and I like to see a demonstration of a certain aircraft and get familiar with its flight characteristics . It has saved me a lot of headaches and possibly loosing an aircraft  and the cost of it. It has allowed me to see videos on house renovations and vehical maintenance. When a certain event has just previously happened I can access it immediately and see what I missed. People can watch what I put on you tube in order to get feed back such as family events. I find it user-friendly especially in my generation where we do not want things to be complicated. I am very particular in cost effectiveness  and like to use social media to off set the cost on my internet. I can access certain entertainment even when I do not have the right information to obtain it. It allows a broad use of centering key information so that you can find the subject or lead you to the subject that you are searching for


In conclusion social media is the new tool for the user-friendly person who is trying to get information on the network. It can be applied to all generations and a lot of thought has went into it. Social media are obviously going to be expanding and its here to stay.


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